Minicurso: Introduction to maximal monotone operators

Prof. Marc Lassonde
Martes 03/oct, Miércoles 04/oct, jueves 05/oct, Martes 17/oct, Miércoles 18/oct y Jueves 19/oct:​ 10h-12h + 14h-16h


Introduction to maximal monotone operators
1/ The Minty-Browder ”monotonicity method” for the solutions of nonlinear equations
in Banach spaces.
2/ Minty surjectivity theorems, proximal algorithm and variational inequalities
3/ Maximal monotone operators
3.1/ Examples:
- convex subdifferential and duality mapping
- hemicontinuous monotone operators
- skew linear operators
- the Laplacian
3.2/ Properties:
- local boundedness
- minimal cuscos
- sum theorems
4/ Fitzpatrick functions and representable monotone operators