Conferencias: Some problems and topics in Complex Dynamics: I and II

Prof. Bruno Scárdua

Instituto de Matemática, UNiversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Martes 5 y Jueves 7, setiembre 2017 14:00 h

Aula 1


We shall discuss some topics, problems and possible strategies of solution in
Complex Dynamics. This includes the various aspects of the theory, from Several
Complex Variables to the theory of Singularities of Holomorphic foliations.

Discutiremos algunos temas, problemas y posibles estrategias de solución
en Dinámica Compleja. Esto incluye los diversos aspectos de la teoríaa
 de las Varias Variables Complejas, a la teoría de Singularidades de las Foliaciones holomorfas.

Some of the topics that we shall discuss are:
1. First integrals.
2. Deformations of integrable systems.
3. Analytic classification of simple singularities according to their projectivization.
4. Lie transverse structure and analytic normal forms for singularities of complex vector fields and foliations.
5. Local Dynamics near a singular point in dimension two.